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Published Authors & Friends

One of my goals is to share the joy of reading and to volunteer with a literacy effort to help adults learn to read.  The world and all of its opportunities unfold before you once you can read and comprehend.  I love books and I am so happy to know each of these talented authors, pleased to count them among my friends, and would like to share and support their endeavors.  In my book, pun intended, to be a published author is a huge accomplishment and requires a lot of work and writing.

Have you ever read a book where every word mattered -- every sentence resonated?  I wondered, "How does she do that?"  This has happened to me when I read The True Secret of Writing -- Connecting Life with Language by Natalie Goldberg.  Pat Conroy's Prince of Tides impacted me.


Why the Bookworm Page?

Dionysius Simopolous

For some currently unidentifiable reason, I felt strongly compelled to launch this page and though I did not know the “why”, my instinct obligated me to do so.  Ever since I made the decision, I have received only positive feedback and confirmation to abide by my intuition.  I’ve yet to discover the reason, but quite eager to learn…and in the meantime share these books with those who visit this page.


Bookworm Beginnings

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to read.  I enjoyed learning how to read and remember it vividly under the tutelage of Mrs. Katy Evans* and the Dick, Jane and Spot introductory readers.  I have my Mom to thank for becoming a bookworm, and a competitive one at that!  She loves to read and would take my brother Craig and I to the library, particularly in summertime.  I proudly joined the summer reading club during my second grade summer and was in a contest to see how many books I could read.  Since then, I have loved the smell of books, new and used, and hanging out in libraries and bookstores.  Mom and I used to dream of owning a combination Hallmark and bookstore. (I think I was honing in on her dream!)  We never did that, but we both still read and share books.  On vacation, I enjoy strolling through the local library and area bookstores.  Time evaporates for me when I am reading, visiting the library or engrossed in a bookstore’s offerings. 

One of life’s best lessons is that the learning has just begun when you finish your schooling and regardless of your chosen major, you can still do or be anything you set your mind to do.

Reading for me represents a path to knowledge as well as a means of entertainment.  Two of my favorite authors who have written series are John Sandford with his Prey Series and Vince Flynn, now deceased, and his Mitch Rapp thrillers.  Though inevitable, I hope neither of the protagonists are ever cast in movies because they could not match the vision I have in my mind of these characters.  (Though those who cast Tom Cruise in John Grisham’s “The Firm” and Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone in Robert P. Parker’s series did quite alright.)

One of my goals is to share the joy of reading and to volunteer with a literacy effort to help adults learn to read.  The world and all its opportunities unfold before you once you can read and comprehend.

*Katy Evans was my first grade teacher, was a neighbor and the mother of my first best friend.   We remain in touch today even though she moved from Louisiana in 1968.  She is also an author and the mother of my first best friend Teri.

Books as Gifts

One of the greatest gifts is a book and, even better, a book signed by the author.  My parents gave me several Nancy Drew books and at least one is signed by Santa Claus.  Books were often gifts to us as children.  I’d like to know how many times I read “Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, “Are You My Mother?”, “Where the Wild Things Are” and Dr. Seuss’ “Cat in the Hat.”  Once I was an adult, a fellow bookworm and now retired client, gave me Peter Benchley’s “A Girl from the Sea of Cortez.”   I have since given copies of to both of my nieces. 

Another memorable book gift was following the success of IPS 2012 (the biannual meeting of the International Planetarium Society) held in Baton Rouge, Planetarium Director and conference host, Jon Elvert, gave me a book from his library entitled, “The Stars A New Way to See Them” by H.A. Rey. 

A nephew has given me two books as gifts, and a few music CDs too that I treasure.

I gave my paternal grandmother (Gram) a poetry book as a child, that came back to me once she died.  Two books I have shared with many friends include “A Gift from the Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh and “The Shack” by Wm. Paul Young.

For Christmas this year, I received two books, The Life of Pi by Yann Martel and The Hundred Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais.

Disappointed as these four tabs got lost and I am in the process of re-creating.  (Feb 27, 2015)  :(

Book Links and Events

Jonn Serrie story


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