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Ruther L. Williams


Ruther Williams worked for over 10 years directly in the rehabilitation of autistic patients in Boston and New York City.  She has assisted young people to develop independent living skills.  She presently works with several children with a diagnosis of Autism in her home state of Louisiana.  She is a graduate of Plaquemine High School, Louisiana State University (BA History) and Fellow of the Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont.



Book Blurb

Peter and the Spindle Whales

John Schweitzer, Ph.D. reviewed this remarkable first work of visual artist Ruth L. Williams and wrote, "It's a post-card picture of a placid sea and a small boy, alone.  His name is Peter, and he's highly favored with security, bright, caring parents, living on a fabled coastline with billowing clouds, seabirds and haunting whale song and yet...so alone is he."  He continued, "As the story unfolds, we learn that Peter is a boy who rows his boat to a 'different drumbeat.'  "

Readers of all ages will delight in this wonderful tale.

Luis F. Interiano C., MLIS, Public Librarian In Louisiana, also reviewed this story.  Part of his review reads, "This interesting little book by Ruther L. Williams, a visual artist, operates simultaneously on several levels.  First, it tells the story of Peter, a bright young boy who lives a happy life while struggling with communication problems due to the mysterious cognitive syndrome called autism.  After a chance meeting with whales on the seashore, Peter is able to communicate better, leading his loving and supportive parents, who are also professional scientists, to explore a possible link between the whales and Peter's progress.  On the scientific level, Williams introduces the reader to her novel theory of a link between spindle cells, contained in both human and whale brains, and used to regulate emotions and communications, and a solution to the riddle of autism."

How We Met

Ruther Williams and I met at the 2013 Plaquemine Bank Art Alert Art Show. Ruther is a professional artist and author and entered her work into the 26th Annual show.  We began speaking about her passion, autism.  Since 2013, she published her first book whose protagonist has a diagnosis of autism, and we saw each other again during the 2014 Art Show.

She is a talented woman with a kind, caring soul.

Plaquemine Bank Art Alert Art Show Winners - 27th Annual
(Ruther Williams, second from left.)

Buy the Book!

Buy the Book!

News and Links

News and Links

Ruth Williams will read Peter and the Spindle Whales at LaDivina's Kid's Night on March 30th!

Ruther Williams - in the news...Plaquemine Post-South - May 8, 2014

Photograph courtesy of Plaquemine Post South.

Art Work

Art Work

Ruther Williams placed in both the 2013 and 2014 art shows.  She received a fellowship grant to attend Vermont Studio Center.  She has sold paintings to private and corporate collections worldwide including actor Ben Vereen and musician Garth Brooks.  She has donated some of her original paintings to various charitable organizations.