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Cherie Schofield


Cherie Schofield has lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, most of her life, having moved there at the age of seven with her family. She received two bachelor's degrees (Sociology and Elementary Education) from Louisiana State University and taught briefly before becoming a probation officer for Baton Rouge City Court. The bulk of her adult life, however, has been spent as a stay-at-home mom and community volunteer. Her goals at the age of 59 are to laugh and to love and to spread both as much as possible. If you are interested in having the author speak to your cancer support group or other cancer-related organization, please contact her by e-mail at mommaandme@gmail.com. 



About the Book

Momma and Me is a true story of a mother and a daughter who simultaneously suffer cancer - one ovarian, one breast. The memoir highlights the experiences of mother and daughter during a six year period, 1991-1997. Virtually all women and those who love them have been, are being, or will be touched by similar, real-life experiences. It is the author's hope this story will reach out to those people and help to guide them through the maze.

How We Met

I met Cherie Schofield through my nephew Ben Herrington during one of his boyhood birthday parties.  His backyard-across-the-canal neighbors, Grady and Lane, were his friends and Cherie is their Mom.  Lane and Ben were in the same school grade.  The entire Herrington-Schofield families became and remain dear friends to each other.

My sister-in-law Jill Herrington provided the illustrations for Momma and Me

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Illustrations by Jill Herrington

Additional Illustrations by Jill Herrington

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