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Laurie Gregg


Laurie Gregg, creator of Thimage Weight Loss and Body Sculpting

I was raised in a small town with traditional beliefs about women.  I believed I was supposed to be sweet, a good listener and pretty, which included being slim.  I had wonderful friends, a loving family, made good grades and participated in fun, extracurricular activities.  In college, I modeled professionally.  Everything looked pretty good, right?

I moved to Manhattan to pursue modeling.  Now the pressure was really on.  There was no escape.  I wouldn't be paying my rent if I didn't keep myself at the perfect size.  My real work became watching the scale, not modeling.

I was always working to "fix" my body.  You know the drill - diet centers, fad diets, diet pills, trading diet trends with friends.  And you all know the results.

I added movie production to my work.  While doing research for a documentary, I was introduced to hypnotherapy and began to understand its impact -- the power of our inner thoughts over our lives.  Combining this with medical and psychological research helped me to redirect my ideas towards my old nemesis, weight loss.

They say "good things come in threes".  In 2000, I welcomed the birth of my son, the birth of my psychic abilities and the birth of Thimage Weight Loss and Body Sculpting.

So many have bodies they are ashamed of and feel they can do nothing about -- and the sad, stressed-out faces to go with them.

I am here to empower you, as I have done for myself, and help you feel at peace so you are able to create your dream body the easiest, most permanent way -- With Your Mind!


It's Not What You're Eating.
It's What You're THINKING!

Have you ever gone on a crazy string bean and grapefruit diet and still didn’t lose any weight? Annoying isn’t it? People who are out of control with their eating are not happy, no matter how much money, or success, or love they have in their lives.

Why? Because when you are not happy with your body image, you aren't happy with YOURSELF. And that's why nothing on the outside can fix it.  I often have people ask me why their last diet or aerobics class didn't work. People who are frustrated because all of the weight loss programs out there, all the exercise classes, all of the little pills, potions, drinks, points and e-materials won't change the one thing that needs to be changed the most to have easy and PERMANENT weight loss...forever!


So what is the secret that unlocks this power?

Your MIND.
Your 8-week Thimage Series includes:

  • Introductory audio to fully explain the process and to demonstrate your own mind-body connection.
  • Eight weekly audio programs to give you insight and inspiration.
  • Maintenance CD
  • Affirmation CD
  • Pendulum
  • Workbook
  • Daily Journal

How We Met

Laurie and I were Delta Zeta sorority sisters at Louisiana State University and she was my little sister.  Later, we became roommates and had a great time together!  Our friendship is long and true...we remain "sisters" today.  Our experiences and stories could fill a book (what a novel idea!), but I will spare you the details and now you know we have been friends since college.  We share many fond memories and appreciate the chances to make more.  Laurie is beautiful inside and out.  This many years later, whenever I share a photograph of Laurie with my Dad, he cannot get over just how pretty she is.

2015:  Teaching a Stained Glass class, New York City

Update:  June 2014 - Laurie took a few Stained Glass courses at LSU.  She renewed her interest recently and had a Stained Glass show in Lincoln Center!  (see the Authors in the News section.)  Here are a few of her stained glass pieces:

Tissue Box

Her first large piece.

Buy the Books!

Buy the Books!


In addition to Thimage, Laurie offers the ebook:  How You Look at Your Plate is How You Mate

Laurie explains in this ebook that they way you do anything, is the way you do everything.  Your personal style affects the way you communicate, your physical mannerisms, your eating habits, the way you date, your attitude toward sex and the way you approach everything else in life.  Yes, the way you eat is the way you have sex.  Discover your own and tohers' technique in this comical, yet factual ebook.



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Video Clip

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Visit www.thimage.com to hear an audio clip and to read a portion of Week 5.