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Katy Evans


Katy taught in elementary schools for 30 years.  During that time she developed many ideas for helping students acquire a positive attitude.  She founded her own professional speaking business, “Katy Evans – Positive Awareness,” and gave presentations at educational conferences, parent meetings and school staff meetings in order to share her ideas with educators and parents.  She put these ideas into this book so as to share them with you.

UPDATE July 2014 - Be sure and check out her watercolor paintings and notecards on the tab below!





Some of the chapter titles include:

   Getting and Keeping a Positive Attitude
   Happiness Comes from Within
   Teacher Impact
   Positive Discipline
   Positive Results from Using a Puppet
   Ideas to Help Develop a Positive Attitude

About the Book

How We Met

Katy Evans was my cross-the-street neighbor on Markham Drive in Slidell in the 60's, the mother of one of my first friends, my first grade teacher and a LSU graduate/fan.  Katy Evans taught me to read!  I have known Ms. Evans as long as I can remember and am so pleased to remain in touch, particularly at LSU football games,  through her moves to Michigan and Florida.  What a most wonderful person to influence my life and the lives of so many children, including her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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