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Christee Gabour Atwood


Christee has written five business books, three humor books, and facilitated personal and professional development classes for a couple of decades now. She’s designed, written, and conducted communication, leadership seminars, and strategic planning since 1986.

She’s been honored with awards, ranging from the Knowledge Management Leadership Award of the Global Knowledge Management Congress to Outstanding Adjunct Faculty at Baton Rouge Community College, and a number of best-selling distinctions for my books. In 2012, one of her books was translated into Japanese and she spoke at the convention where it was released in Tokyo. While she can’t read a word in the book, it certainly looks impressive!

Her background in radio, television, and newspaper has helped her realize the importance of sharing knowledge, while her time as a stand-up comic helped her realize that sharing knowledge is even better when you link laughter with that learning. After all, we remember jokes better than we remember speeches, right?

If you’re bored now and would rather read the funny version of her bio, please click on the Story of Christee Atwood image.

About the Book

In Celebration of Elastic Waistbands


As seen on Amazon:
Episodes of Imperfection, Insanity, and Occasional Enlightenment

This book celebrates the fact that we are complex people who have better things to think about than a number on a tape measure. After all, chubby is temporary, but laughter echoes forever.

In a style reminiscent of humorists Erma Bombeck and Dave Barry with a dose of Dorothy Parker thrown in for spice, Atwood pokes fun at herself and shares the lessons learned as she makes the same mistakes two, three, or sometimes 27 times.

The episodes in this book demonstrate valuable lessons such as:
1) How to achieve overnight success in only 50 years,
2) How to use your exercise bike as a coat rack,
3) Why Oreos should be considered as one of the major food groups,
4) How to have fun at work, and
5) How to enjoy the job search that follows having fun at work.

As Atwood explains in the Introduction:

I am the proud founding member of the Elastic Waistband Society.

I am starting this society because I’ve realized that, while it is important to stay healthy, it’s also important to give ourselves a little leeway for the occasional times when other things take priority.

So while I’m residing in the “elastic end” of the closet right now, I know that it’s only a visit, not a permanent address.

This period in my life has helped me recognize that there are times when we need to give ourselves permission not to be perfect … and nothing does that more than the perfection of elastic waistbands.

These are the magic tools that allow us to be size 12 when, in all honesty, a size 14 would be more appropriate. These are the tools that show us how items can be stretched as needed and then, when the time is right, happily returned to their original size. And elastic also allows us to make full use of our investments at all-you-can-eat buffets.

This book celebrates those elastic times. It laughs at my misadventures in the hope that it will make you feel better about yours. It ensures that you know you’re not alone in the dark end of your closet, whether dealing with inches or issues. Your elastic friends are right here with you. And we’ve probably brought brownies.

How We Met

I first met Christee with David at a LA Post/Ford Soundesign Christmas party.  Soon after, we worked together where she provided on-camera talent and voice work for a Plaquemine Bank television commercial.  We would see each other during voice over sessions and I was once able to join a book group meeting she held at Barnes and Noble.  Of course, any meeting with Christee was good fun.  I am so impressed by Christee's writing and wide range of business skills.  Though she has lots of fun no matter what she does, I do appreciate her taking work seriously and always appreciate her input.  I haven't yet told her, but I love to read her column -- it never fails to make me laugh...and now, I enjoy her Uncommon Sense Facebook page.


Congratulations Christee!


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